Quest Apps

Quest mini apps are designed to engage your user while offering gamified and rewarding experience

Exclusive Deployment Process

At the moment, we are limited to deploying the mini app to our partner projects and community. If you are interested to deploy your quest app in the future. Feel free to message our team to assist you on this process.

As a partner project, we'd deploy a basic quest mini app for you with preloaded task items that you can edit in the future. You can add different tasks such as daily login, referral invites, visiting site links or urls, following twitter accounts, joining telegram channels including verifying on-chain transaction, assets and balance. Experience points are decided by you as you can set them on every quest item. A leaderboard is also setup that ranks your users based on total points they accumulated during the task. If you like your mini app, we'd go for collaboration or partnership and the ownership will be transferred to your desired wallet address for future editing.

The mini app automatically detects if you are an admin and give you editing controls.

Quest app is still in beta. If you experience any issues with the app, or have suggestions on the user experience. Feel free to notify our team to assist you with your concerns. Your feedback is highly appreciated

App Deployment Request Info

  • App Name

  • App Logo

  • Quest Name

  • Quest Info

  • Owner Wallet Address (for Ownership Transfer)

Message me directly in Telegram

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