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This page will help you understand how an NFT marketplace works

To initialize trading of your NFTs, you must have to deploy a marketplace contract that allows you to create listing for your NFTs. We have built different marketplace contracts depending on the complexity of your requirements.

To operate or launch your marketplace in Xircus, here are the following things you need to consider

Any marketplace contract provided by Xircus contains multi-split platform fees. App owners determines the maximum platform percentage not lower than 5% of NFT sale price, where remaining percentage is received by the seller. Acceptable marketplace fee is max at 5%, similar to current competition.

Platform Fee Splitting

  • Xircus as the contract provider and infrastructure provider receives 25%

  • Provider as the hosting provider that generates the storefront receives 25%

  • App Owner as the overall manager receives 50%

This splitting is not applied to premium apps deployed via Xircus Studio


  1. App owner deploys an NFT marketplace

    • App owner can curate creators via allowlist

    • Or just let everyone create listing

  2. Sellers list their NFT to the marketplace and it generates a sale contract

    • Sellers transfer the NFT to the sale contract (optional)

    • Or sets the sale contract as secondary owner (transfer not needed)

    • Sellers can cancel the sale contract

  3. Buyers purchase the NFT from the sale contract

    • Buyer sends TON to the contract

    • Seller receives the payment

    • Platform and app owner receives the fees


  • Allowlist for Sellers where app owners can curate who are allowed to list on their marketplace

  • Multiple Wallet Recipients where app owners can override and split payments to parties based on predefined shares. e.g 50% goes to X, 25% goes to Y, 25% goes to app owner.

  • Platform always receives a minimum 1% share on every transaction

  • Min and Max Price Threshold enforcement (optional) where app owners can prevent sellers from overpricing their listings to ensure

  • In-Contract Stats

Buy & Trade your NFTs

NFT Market Variants

Type NameDescription

Direct Shard

Base Contract built by TON blockchain

Auction Shard

Mints Base Auc

Direct + Allowlist

Whitelists buyers

Auction + Allowlist

All our contracts supports all enhancement proposals from TON community to ensure that it will be detected by any web3 indexers. https://github.com/ton-blockchain/TEPs/blob/master/text/0062-nft-standard.md

Contract Operations

  • list (0x1)

Contract Methods

  • get_market_data

  • get_market_stats

  • get_platform_config

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