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What are smart contracts?

Smart contracts are digital contracts stored on a blockchain that are automatically executed when predetermined terms and conditions are met.

What are the TON smart contract languages?

  • FIFT

  • FUNC

  • TACT


What does Xircus offers for smart contracts?

We offer different types of smart contracts ranging from minter types for NFTs, SBTs, Jettons, marketplace or storefront for e-commerce, auction types for launchpad, oracles for prediction, proposals for governance and more.

Which language is used by Xircus?

At Xircus, we have written our smart contracts in FunC, soon with Dustin to ensure that the bytecode is concise, compact, optimize and well documented.

We're also developing our new smart contract language called Dustin with solidity like syntax to make it easy to write smart contracts that compiles to func and fift transformed to base64 and hex payloads

help developers deploy smart contracts to TON blockchain quick and easy. These includes react library hooks that interacts with any api source providing indexed data including Xircus GraphQL API, TONConsole and TONCenter.

Why does Xircus needs to write smart contracts?

Smart contracts is the bread and butter of Xircus, it's the only layer where users interact with the app directly to process any transaction logic and movement of funds between parties.

Some contracts are designed to process trading of digital goods and service, whereby process fees and payments designated to platform, app provider and sellers.

Smart contracts are essential to keep data safe and secure residing on permanent storage that can never be modified by unauthorized users.

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