Jetton Non-Shard

A new type of Jetton that follows some ERC-20 standard, account balances are stored in hash-map but with limitations

Why Propose

  • Add additional feature to request account balance in contracts

  • Add additional feature to add spender for each account

Best For

  • Safe balance and spender request

  • Implementing contracts doesn't have to identify the wallet address which causes an additional wallet discovery request to the minter to verify authenticity of the wallet for additional fees

  • Managing only one contract for mint, transfer and burn

  • Instantly determine balance of all accounts

  • No need to get wallet address of each holder

  • Jetton transactions are track in one contract

Safe Balance & Spender Discovery

  1. Contract sends op::get_balance to Jetton

  2. Jetton forwards op::jetton_balance to Contract

  3. Contract verifies Jetton as sender and process balance value


  • Contract size grows due to balance hash-map

  • Maximum hash-map balance holder (approx 4k)

  • 1 approved spender per account



  • transfer ->

  • mint ->

  • burn ->

  • approve ->

  • get_balance -> operation to request the current balance of an account, forwards a balance_of operation to the requestor

  • jetton_balance -> internal operation forwarded to requesting contract

  • get_spender -> requests spender address and balance of an account, contract as spender can send transfer operation to minter to move jettons

  • jetton_spender -> internal operation forwarded to requesting contract


  • get_jetton_data

  • get_balance(account)

  • get_spender(account)

  • get_accounts

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