• Max of 65,000 products in inventory

  • Product batching on checkout

  • Generates a checkout contract for every successful payment

  • Shipping info and fleet courier assignment is determined on checkout

  • Off-chain assignment of Fleet Courier based on coverage area

  • Auto-splitting of payments to preset account wallets

  • Payments are pooled until shipment is fully delivered and confirmed by courier

  • Minimum of 1% transaction fee

Payment Pooling, Released on Fulfillment

Payments are pooled to allow customers to instantly refund their funds if products aren't fulfilled within defined shipment date


  • add_products

  • add_couriers

  • change_owner

  • change_wallets

  • claim_payments

  • refund


  • get_product

  • get_couriers

  • get_checkout_address

  • get_wallets

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