GraphQL: Registry vs Provider

These featured packed GraphQL APIs are enabling deployed web3 apps from Xircus Studio

Registry API

  • This GraphQL API is used to store, transform, and manage the Xircus Studio data, including deploying new apps, managing domains, contracts, and all necessary data to transact and interact with the Xircus platform

Provider API

  • This GraphQL API is available for any user to deploy on any cloud provider to host any deployed web3 app via the Xircus Studio. It contains schemas, queries and mutations to interact and transform data needed by the web3 app.

  • The goal is to allow anyone to become data provider within the ecosystem to decentralized data shared across different providers, ensures that web3 apps cannot be shutdown by any centralized authorities and data are fully owned, resumable, and restorable by the app owner themselves to any available and deployed Provider API

  • We initially created a Provider API,, where web3 apps are currently configured after created from the Xircus Studio.

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